Chancery Court Filings

It’s a seemingly continuous unprovoked sinister attack by the mother of my first born child, Liz Crowder, and her attorney Mona Pittman, whom are Hard at work Conspiring and Staging the ongoing Narrative, Obstructing, and Committing the Crime of Perjury in order to Deprive me of not only my Daughter, but my Civil Rights and Freedom. Notice how they file actions with this court not only on the same day as both arrests in 2017, but Ironically during the same hour. How big of a part does the Chancery Court of Lafayette County and Judge Whitwell play in all of the shenanigans that came about? This entire ordeal has more organized crime classifiable under the RICO Act, to include Child Exploitation, Human Trafficking, Extortion, and mounds and mounds of Conspiracy

2017 Filings

Highlighted Blocks are Significant Days Correlating to the Completely BOGUS Felony Charge levied by Lafayette County on 5/26/2017. Does anything strike you as odd in the slightest bit?

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2020 Filings

2021 Filings

More to be updated
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