Lafayette County and State of MS neglects duty; lets Crowder off the hook again for False Reporting of Crimes

Well, time has come and gone yet again for Liz Crowder to be taught a lesson regarding the lies and false reports given to law enforcement, in particular regarding the father of her child, Matt Reardon. Yet again the State of Mississippi through it’s obnoxiously biased prosecutors have allowed her to escape unscathed with no relief whatsoever granted to the victim/claimant, Reardon. Listen above to the 22-minute exchange in trial between Reardon, Prosecutor Bela J Chain, Judge Johnny Wayne McClarty, and Crowder’s newly hired Attorney (name unknown). Reardon has stayed tied into it with Lafayette County and the State of Mississippi over the past few years particularly since a set of events that transpired back in 2017 which Reardon steadfastly claims he was victim to multiple lies, fake allegations, and complete deprivation of due process rights in order to obtain a cheap-shot ill contrived conviction

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