My Family and I Need Your Help Now More Than Ever

It’s a rarity for me to ask anyone for anything. On behalf of myself, my wife, and my children I’m going to ask anyone willing and able for relief

“It’s a rarity for me to ask anyone for anything. On behalf of myself, my wife, and my children I’m going to ask anyone willing and able for relief”

Matt Reardon

Those that know me know that I have always been one to not ask for assistance. The times I’ve had to have honestly been procrastinated to the very last second because the fact of the matter is, I just don’t like asking and conveying the fact that I need help.. So it shouldn’t be too much of a shocker that this is no different.

In just the past 4-years alone I have been very outspoken in regards to our rights and liberties bestowed upon us. Make no mistake about it, contrary to what our quickly evolving Government would have you believe, there has never been any such interpretation of our laws, both State and Federal, that would characterize any of our key rights as being “gifted” rights granted to us by our Government. They are in fact bestowed upon us at birth. Rights that we were born into. Rights granted to us by our creator, whom to me is God. It is both the lifelong oath I swore back in 2007 and my knowledge and training acquired that makes it my obligation to ensure that tyranny never prevails on American Soil. In doing so I have faced political persecution and even political false imprisonment. 

I honestly feel as if I sold my soul to the Devil himself on July 6, 2017 when I plead out to the witch-hunt charge placed against me as a barter/exchange for my freedom. They call it a voluntary plea that I made, but in reality it was everything but voluntary. All due process rights of the accused were intentionally withheld and ignored beginning with it taking nearly twice the amount of time required by law to bring me before a judge for an initial hearing after arrest on their sham charge so that bond could be set. This immediately followed up by Justice Court Judge Carolyn Bell setting my bond 3x higher than the maximum stated bond that a crime which would have seen 10 years in prison would have maxed out at despite me asserting I had exculpatory evidence of my innocence through a bill of sale. Not only was I innocent of this charge but in fact no crime was ever committed! There was never truly a victim despite the fraudulent statements made! The third strike would have been the refusal to set a preliminary hearing in order for my innocence to be proven up front, not to mention the Judge never even advised me of my right to a preliminary hearing. She only wanted to advise me of my right to remain silent. Finally an ongoing Chancery Court battle that had my innocent daughter tied up in it. I had to get out. I had to prevent further damage from happening which was all but certainly going to affect her.

All of it an aggressive plan to keep me suppressed though acts of treason, further intensified through it being politically motivated in it helping an election, the new mayor’s assent to office, and the fly-by-night changing of laws without so much as the consent much less the knowledge of the Governed. I have had to fight my way out of every single situation that has arisen. I’ve paid every bond that has come about from being directly retaliated against solely for my expectation of accountability, justice, fairness, and equality. I have had employment opportunities destroyed based upon my name and continued conspired upon lies stemming from Lafayette County, the individuals that played the original part in everything, and individuals that are friends with those particular individuals. My wife has faced the same all due to the man she happens to be married to (Matt Reardon). As if that isn’t bad enough when factored together, my 7-year old daughter, Lydia, continues to fall victim to Child exploitation and human trafficking through the combined equal help of her mother, her mother’s attorneys, and the Chancery Court of Lafayette County in which the assigned judge has allowed a continuous knuckleball to be thrown to the middle in a never ending plot to rid my Child from my life. By knuckleball I mean some of the most ridiculous of lies ever imagined vomited onto petitions and affidavits regardless of every lie under affidavit being disproven and dispelled and the Judge actually allowing her to get away with it time and time again. Basically prejudicially adjudicating me guilty until or unless I prove 100% of my innocence and even then, nothing happens to the other side for their ridiculous stunt pulled and all the time lost with my daughter. So I’m done playing those games and having to prove my innocence. The system is clearly broken and in bad need of reform 

All of everything that has happened has been done with the illest of intent as an intentional ploy to manipulate legal proceedings and abscond with their legal liability created through the commission of their own crimes. Its certainly harmed me, my wife, and our kids in many more ways than one. One of the most significant is the intentional targeting of ways for me to financially support my family, obtain an attorney, and steady ongoing effort of trying to derail me from any one of multiple ongoing proceedings at any given time, if not all.

While it has been the biggest source of knowledge and a humbling journey thus far being that I am still standing on my two feet despite all that has been hurled at me, it has certainly affected me in ways that have had me withdrawing from my family roles due to stress and time constraints. It’s time to hire an out of state attorney to handle things from here on out. I can’t keep up with everything on my own and perform all the necessary tasks a licensed attorney can do. So while I hate asking for me, I’m asking for them In order to provide for them. To fight back all the injustices we have faced, keeping the fight fueled in the courts in seeking full restoration of my life through complete vindication. At this stage of the game I feel like it’s a necessity for me to find financial backing through the compassion of others whom are willing and able to provide such assistance. After all, I haven’t seen the first politician who has prevailed when challenged, and not done so by help of fundraising/donations and support behind them. The same goes for just about every cause and type of activism work. Most certainly what I am facing here. If we bend even the slightest and allow even one of our rights to get pushed over and disregarded, then ALL will quickly become pushed over and disregarded. It’s the way precedence works, and precedence is what has run the court system all along.

I have faith that if the Left can raise money to bail out the looters and rioters whom burned down American businesses, that there are plenty whom are able to help an American Patriot & USMC Veteran whose life was completely ruined at the malice hands of Government corruption that started with an election on the local city level which quickly employed the help of many others in order to protect themselves and abscond with their own guilt

Please watch the videos and read the articles I post to see all evidence yourself of the claims made



-Matt Reardon

God Bless

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