Lafayette County and MS State Government MUST be Punished and Stopped by any means necessary! This is TREASON

This can have lasting implications on all of us if the Lafayette County and State of Mississippi Government are successful in getting away with this extreme level of treason. They must be stopped by any means necessary! Please share this. Donations greatly appreciated to assist with the ongoing catastrophic costs of this nightmare

This can have lasting implications on all of us if the Lafayette County and State of Mississippi Government are successful in getting away with this extreme level of treason. They must be stopped by any means necessary! Please share this. Donations greatly appreciated to assist with the ongoing catastrophic costs of this nightmare

City Agenda On File at city hall for 6/6/2018

Click here to Go directly to the city hall archive for the meeting on Election Day I was slotted for after Joey East

QUICK FIVE: 5 of the most captivating moments in Matt Reardon’s new explosive Riding With The Outlaw release “The Patriot Games Continue”

First 5 Minutes of new Riding With The Outlaw release “The Patriot Games Continue” which is currently being slightly modified.The true story about a Patriotic Citizen and USMC Veteran whom was framed by the local Government and select individuals in a much larger, more sinister plot that continues to unfold. See more at Outlaw.News,, OxfordOutlaw.Com, or
Another absolutely hair raising scene from the new 90 minute jaw dropping Riding With The Outlaw release
This is the shocker of filings that is currently before the Mississippi Court of Appeals and is expected overturn the entire “witch hunt” from 2017. Follow along and listen
Massive corruption comes to a head with Department of Justice Foul Play and Corrupt Involvement when the US Attorneys Office proves to be complicit and acting like a lifeguard “watching a child drown”. The FBI playing a clear hand in destruction of evidence really added to the drama as well. And all of this came about due to the advisement of one man who should be garnering public trust, not shredding it. Assistant US Attorney Blowhard Bob Norman. Absolute Scum of the earth

All in all, win or lose, there is one for sure message that can be taken from all of this. You never can predict if someone you wrongfully took part in criminally framing and hanging will return with a camera and microphone, making a documentary/movie or write a slew of books about you that you can never get rid of. These people destroyed my life and at the same time they gave me my life story which it in itself is one in a billion

BONUS (in case you haven’t listened to this) The war on Mainstream Media begins

Motion to Quash, Suppress, and Sanction Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s Counsel |Matt Reardon

I’m only getting started. If laws and rules all of a sudden don’t matter, then God help me because those are the only things (and mainly just laws) holding me back. A functioning society cannot sustain with this type of madness and these this type of criminal activity amassing and further being condoned by courts of LAW! Them backing down at this point wouldn’t help matters for them as I am dead set on seeing this through unto fruition right into the jaws of justice! There is a special place in hell for these people to fry for eternity! See more at MATTREARDON.COM and RIDINGWITHTHEOUTLAW.COM

I have completely had it with this complete nonsense and jaw droppingly abominable criminal behavior that is an extension of the criminal racket involving Phyllis “Liz” Crowder-Kester.

Of course there is also her husband Dustin Kester whom has played an increasing role, her attorney Mona Pittman, and I wouldnt be the slightest bit surprised to learn that the Grand Puppeteer of them all Rhea Tannehill, husband of Oxford Mayor Robyn Tannehill, is still in the mix pulling strings as he did in May of 2017 when the Conspiracy to ultimately frame me and get rid of me was orchestrated and followed through with. The list of those who have played an active role in everything continues to grow longer and longer as the weeks pass by. I’m more aware of my surroundings than ever and have been hot on the trail in pursuit of Justice and all facts in order to regain what was unfairly stolen from me, as well as my kids vicariously through me. One thing is for certain however. Karma is a bitch, and when it comes to such a serious matter as this, I say calling it a bitch is a rather big understatement. I believe the better word to use for everything is ruthless, and I’m only getting warmed up. Many more revelations of truth and fact have been made and will continue to be made as I rip every last trellis out of this gigantic corrupt temple, and so be it if the fallout hits me. I’ll do whatever I have to do to ensure my kids have ample opportunity in life free from the evils of everything I have had to deal with


Summing up Initial Appearance in Lafayette County Justice Court and reasserting my strong position of a $5 Million Counter Claim against the County


Hear the details of this completely unethical and uncalled for arrest which came from having to inconvenience myself just to try to get The Sheriff of Lafayette County to afford equal protections of the Laws!

Politically Charged | The Rise of The Oxford Outlaw

Riding With The Outlaw is a real documentation of the true chain of events that began in 2017 and ultimately set the stage for a story like none other. It’s much more than just my story, it’s my journey. It’s not something I write, but rather something I live on a daily basis. Riding With The Outlaw is the true ongoing Saga of a Framed Patriotic American who defiantly refused to accept defeat and in turn single handedly took on one of the largest stands in a modern day “David vs Goliath” battle of Good vs Evil against the corrupt deep state swamp that has destroyed many lives including my own in 2017. I put it all on the line, and not just for me, not just for my girl, not just for my family, but for the sake of America

Riding With The Outlaw is a real documentation of the true chain of events that began in 2017 and ultimately set the stage for a story like none other. It’s much more than just my story, it’s my journey. It’s not something I write, but rather something I live on a daily basis. Riding With The Outlaw is the true ongoing Saga of a Framed Patriotic American. A Patriot defiantly refusing to accept defeat and in turn single handedly taking on an enormous stand in a what gives off the feeling of a modern day “David vs Goliath” battle. It’s a battle of right verses wrong and good verses evil against the corrupt deep-state swamp that has destroyed many lives including my own in back in 2017. I put it all on the line as there is no other option. The stand I’m taking is not just for me, it’s not just for my girls, it’s not just for my family. It’s all of that, but even more it’s for the sake of America.

Although my story truly started when I was born, MY story as talked about on Riding With The Outlaw started when I was politically framed for a crime I didn’t commit nor could I have committed back in 2017. I was coerced under stress to plea out in order to see and ultimately get my daughter-in-law back into my life. The entire time treated like the worst of criminals for simply being a patriot and constitutionalist who took a stand to protect our constitutional rights. That along with protecting the historical monuments and state flag. To be honest it was about anything which did not fit the progressive leftist agenda which throughout the years has become more and more radicalized around the city of Oxford. I identified key strengths that were used and used successfully by the other side advantageously, such as dedication to a cause, precision striking and applying a steady and relentless pressure towards a particular cause. Most of all, RESONATE! Be loud. Being Tame, Silent, and Politically Correct IS NOT the proper strategy in my opinion given the latest civil unrest and complete political division which divides our country.

Unfortunately it is far beyond a state of repairing. I don’t see the radical left shifting right. I don’t see the radical right left shifting I personally believe that our country is quickly turning into a “winner take all” type way of life. Similar to a real life largescale version of Tug of War or Capture the flag. Something binary, two choices but only one answer. My answer back then as more and more came under attack by the radical leftists was to stand true and stand tall. Not to waver in my commitments and most certainly not the things I believed in. I was part of the silent majority, but I wasn’t silent. I knew silence got nothing, only more and more lost without so much as a fight truly being put up to stop it.

On May 26th, 2017 I was ambushed and arrested on the square in Oxford, MS by 4 sheriffs investigators, Jarrett Bundren, Alan Wilburn, Scott Mills, and the fourth I do not know to this day. May 26th 2017 was a very Ironic day to say the least. Of all days, this just happened to be my now mother-in-law’s birthday, whom I was set to meet just two hours later. Coincidentally, however, it was also the day after I sat down with two FBI agents at the local field branch office in Oxford to discuss a death threat that was reported to me. During that meeting I also discussed a hijack plan that was put in place by Rhea and Robyn Tannehill to silence me and further block from speaking at city hall on the day of the election, June 6th. Ironic given all the more recent developments of “coincidences” happening at the hands of the FBI who have clearly demonstrated that they have turned into a completely politicized weapon, and still are! Ironically, I only sat down with the FBI because it was at the advisement of an Assistant US Attorney I had spoken with on May 24th, 2017. I put my trust, faith, and confidence in this complete Blowhard Assistant US Attorney by the name of Bob Norman. It was his actions (or lack there of) which earned Bob the name Blowhard Bob. Blowhard Bob is a key character in Riding With The Outlaw whom I have had multiple face to face’s with in the course of my investigation to get to the bottom of everything.

I was scheduled to speak June 6, 2017 right after Joey East per the scheduled minutes that were posted by The Local Voice. At the prior Board of Aldermen meeting May 16th, 2017 the current mayor Pat Patterson told me to put my name down to speak at the next meeting which I did. However this didn’t sit well with Robyn or Rhea Tannehill as the next meeting June 6th just happened to be the day of the Mayors election. Not only that, but with Robyn being for the removal/relocation of of the confederate monument in Oxford along with her being a primary opponent of the state flag, June 6th was inevitable for some type of fireworks show.

So in an effort to thwart any potential roadblocks, roadbumps, or issues, Rhea did what Rhea does best. Throw handfuls of shit at the wall and see what sticks. So as Robyn’s attorney he drafted up a cover page and a chancery court filing seeking preliminary injunctive relief. However, as shown on the initial cover page he had marked it originally as Circuit Court, which I’m just about positive he will say was a mistake, and it always COULD have been. If there is one thing I’ve learned well through life’s lessons it’s this. If it looks like a pig, sounds like a pig, and smells like a pig, the impression most would have is that it’s a pig. 99% of the time that answer would be correct and the other 1% of the time it’s someone who skates by on a technicality in this case by labeling the pig a hog. In this injunctive relief Rhea actually stooped to the adolescent level definitely not behooving of any attorney most certainly not behooving of any seasoned attorney by pointing out and listing constitutionally protected activity as reasons requested of relief. These reasons were reasons Rhea had to have known were reasons prohibitive from seeking injunctive relief on and especially everything in general was twisted and conjured up in a false narrative type way. But Rhea had one big trick up his sleeve. His influence. The same tool used over and over as an advantageous winner take all move for Rhea.

By law I was supposed to have been brought before the judge within 48 hours to get the original bond, however Lafayette County decided to hold me for 96 hours (4 days) before bringing me to justice court for a bond hearing. A black democrat justice court judge named Carolyn Bell gave me a $150,000 bond and refused to allow me to address the court to show there was in fact zero proof that the state had and I had complete proof of my innocence which a simple bill of sale in my possession would show. The bond set was 3 times higher than the MAXIMUM guidelines set by the supreme court for a crime up to 10 years incarceration, the charge levied at me saw a maximum 5 years for alleged “aggravated stalking” which the state then changed to “cyber stalking”. I didn’t realize it at the time, but May 30th (the day of my bond hearing) was exactly 7 days (1 week) before the incoming mayor Robyn Tannehill was to be elected.

I was never truly given the opportunity to prove my innocence, as this was already a known fact by the local Government, agencies, prosecution, and the accusers all along. The entire time the state (county) was grabbing at straws. This circus show had quid-pro-quo written all across it from all angles. It further assisted the incoming Democrat/Socialist Mayor Robyn Tannehill, effectively silencing and sliding her biggest and certainly most outspoken adversary out of the way. As a presumably innocent man, I sat illegally and unconstitutionally confined receiving no bond reduction hearing despite numerous requests for one. They had to make it next to impossible for me to get out, because me getting out meant their ship would most certainly sink when I got my hands on tangible evidence, the proof of my innocence and further the criminal wrongdoing of many at this point who assisted. and provide for my dependents as well as proving my innocence, not to mention build a solid case against those who plotted against me. I was coerced under fear and stress to plea out on July 6th, 2017 which coincidentally was 7 days (1 week) after Robyn Tannehill was sworn into office as the 36th Mayor of Oxford, although I personally believe with the facts and evidence of everything that she became the 1st illegitimate mayor of Oxford. Even worse, I was banished from the city and county for the term of my supervised probation (5 years). If that wasn’t bad enough already, to cap things off and in order to shield themselves from liability, the county had insisted on me signing a covenant to not sue the sheriffs department, any officers involved, any city or county elected official or employee, or Todd & Ashley Lynch. It’s these reasons that are the primary reasons I reference to when being asked about my level of dedication and refusal to back down. It’s also these reasons which explain why I started on the mission of producing my story through the LIVE Ongoing Documentary, Riding With The Outlaw.

They all but removed every opportunity to right the wrongs done and get my life back which was so savagely taken and seek legal remedy. They thought they had every angle tied up, one big problem, though. Actually two. First, I got off of probation at half time, 2.5 years. The second, the county opened the door and gave me every legitimate reason to legally bypass the covenant to not sue when even more corruption started to surface and the county refused to comply with a public records/freedom of information act request (FOIA) when the sheriffs department admitted in the last batch of documents requested that Deputy Jarrett Bundren had received a mystery phone call on May 24th, 2017 just two days before I was ambushed on the square in Oxford. The 24th just happened to also be the day before i met with the FBI and coincidentally the same day I spoke to Assistant US Attorney Blowhard Bob Norman. Two days after Rhea and Robyn Tannehill petitioned the court for an emergency injunction which would effectively bar me from speaking at the upcoming city council meeting. Not long into my discovery phase, I realized that there was much more involvement in this plot than what I originally thought.

It became clearer and clearer that this was an all or nothing mission that I could not back down from as I began to get closer and closer to the fire and found more and more Government involvement and push back from the same ones that plotted to frame me, silence me, get rid of me, and ultimately destroy my life back in 2017. This is my duty. I have an obligation. The oath I made to uphold and protect the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic is very much intact and alive. It’s that and my children that are the best reasons of any as to my seriousness. I am facing off against a fierce, well banded, and determined enemy, that is for sure. But I am fiercer and much more determined, a race against the clock, and I am a man, a patriot, on a mission in an all out war on corruption for the sake of my children, my family, myself, and society.

-I hope you continue to follow along on my journey in prevailing against the true dark evils of society. May the innocent be proven innocent and the guilty be found guilty. And always remember this, “When freedom is outlawed, only the outlaws will be free”