WARNING: This Video Contains Lies, Violence, Illegal Search, & Overdetention by Lafayette Sheriffs Deputies

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The 4th Visit to the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department on 12-28-2020 resulted in this absolutely bizarre arrest of Matt Reardon and it is all Completely Broken-Down as it was presented at trial. Arresting officers were Deputy Courtney Dixon and Deputy Ethan Tidwell with Deputy Omar Ahmed assisting and Sheriff Joey East spectating.




Phone Calls which demonstrate Communicare acted in retaliation and malice in their latest attack

The existing laws surrounding due process and the federal rights afforded to all citizens simply can’t be ignored, and nothing will change them. The moves made by Lafayette County Officials and Communicare simply exacerbated everything for them most of all. The Calls attached to this video go to fully invalidating Communicare and exposing their truly immoral intentions. Visit lafayettems.net to see more information


Meet Ethan-Oliver James Reardon

Ethan-Oliver was born to parents Matthew and Madelyn Reardon on February 17th, 2022 at the Tupelo Women’s Hospital. On this day, Ethan-Oliver was just 28 weeks and 6 days gestational age and weighed just 2lb 11oz. He has been fighting for his life ever since that time. As tough as it has been on parents Matthew and Madelyn along with his sisters Meri-Emmelyn, Anna-Claire, and McKenna-Rose living an hour away from baby Ethan, It’s The details surrounding this preemie’s significantly early arrival have made this situation for the Reardon family particularly strenuous, difficult, and have piled on additional stresses and worries for this young family of 6.

On December 6th, 2021, Ethan-Oliver’s father, Matthew whom is an independent investigative journalist & reporter, discovered a key court record in Lafayette County Circuit Court that was fraudulently altered now twice over the past year on two currently active filed matters of Reardon’s. When pressing in for answers as to how this could have happened, the Circuit Clerk got highly defensive and had communicated out to the Lafayette County Sheriff Joey East in order to try to get rid of Reardon along with what the county and certain County Officials would interpret as a significant issue discovered and sore on the horizon. East’s motive in the matter is very clear to see when taking into consideration key facts based upon numerous erroneous and concerning findings have more recently surfaced regarding the Lafayette County Sheriff’s alleged involvement in a matter dating back to 2017. Even more alarming is the fact that the latest record fraudulently altered in Circuit Court that was discovered by Reardon just so happened to be a matter Reardon was appealing from Lafayette County Justice Court where East’s Deputies and even he himself gave false sworn testimony in order to contrive a conviction based upon lies. The very next day, December 7th, 2021, Lafayette County Sheriff Joey East rose to the occasion once again in passing obnoxious lies and complaints centered around constitutionally protected activity as a journalist, reporter, and credentialed member of the press to an employee of Communicare by the name of Rachel Alcorn with a predisposed plan to exploit the State’s mental health laws by cutting corners, ignoring required procedure under state law, and seeking to separate a husband and father of four from his family in a grueling, sickening act that undoubtedly would align with not only the feeling, but the legal definition of human trafficking. And this they were successful in doing at the expense of Reardon and his family when no crimes were ever committed and the procedure botched through and through. At approximately 5pm on December 7th, 2021 upon returning home from a Doctors Appointment for one of his children, Reardon is taken into custody at his residence in front of his wife and child based upon false claims in a sinister, cowardly attack on an independent journalist in order to suppress the reporting of fraud to not only the public but the proper authorities for the dishonesty which took place on open legal matters stemming from the Lafayette County Circuit Court/Circuit Clerks Office.

Reardon immediately condemned the ruthless attack and hailed the involuntary commitment as a fraudulent commitment coming about as a result of completely erroneous lies spewed by the sheriff, Joey East, and echoed by Communicare staff members. After voicing his complete disgust with the matter to a Communicare employee, Matthew was informed that he needed to submit any complaint in writing to the director of the Facility including any demand for preservation of evidence. Early on in the afternoon on February 8th, 2022 at the conclusion of speaking with chancery court clerk Sherry Wall, Reardon filed and served an 8-page shocking letter with Chancery Judge Lawrence Little’s chambers and Communicare’s executive director Dr. Sandy Rogers.

The very next day, February 9th, 2022, another Communicare Employee proceeded to file another affidavit for commitment of Reardon claiming Reardon had refused to attend a scheduled appointment, however, recorded phone calls with Communicare paint an entirely different picture and in combination with the Complaint filed just 1-day prior almost certainly show that this latest move by Communicare and its employees was ill-brought once again and done to retaliate against Reardon and once again try to dodge a situation that the county and Communicare brought on themselves.

On February 10th, 2022, upon returning home close to midnight from Madelyn being hospitalized due to pregnancy complications, Lafayette County Sheriffs Deputies light up the yard with blue lights and take Reardon once again into custody for the affidavit for commitment filed in front of his wife, Madelyn. He was held for 6-days without any rights afforded to him at the Lafayette County Detention Center and then shipped 2.5 hours across the state to the East Mississippi State Hospital in Meridian MS on February 16th, 2022. All of this put Madelyn into preterm labor and she gave birth via emergency c-section on February 17, 2022 without her husband by her side to witness the birth of their child.

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City Agenda On File at city hall for 6/6/2018

Click here to Go directly to the city hall archive for the meeting on Election Day I was slotted for after Joey East

QUICK FIVE: 5 of the most captivating moments in Matt Reardon’s new explosive Riding With The Outlaw release “The Patriot Games Continue”

First 5 Minutes of new Riding With The Outlaw release “The Patriot Games Continue” which is currently being slightly modified.The true story about a Patriotic Citizen and USMC Veteran whom was framed by the local Government and select individuals in a much larger, more sinister plot that continues to unfold. See more at Outlaw.News, RidingwiththeOutlaw.com, OxfordOutlaw.Com, or MattReardon.com
Another absolutely hair raising scene from the new 90 minute jaw dropping Riding With The Outlaw release
This is the shocker of filings that is currently before the Mississippi Court of Appeals and is expected overturn the entire “witch hunt” from 2017. Follow along and listen
Massive corruption comes to a head with Department of Justice Foul Play and Corrupt Involvement when the US Attorneys Office proves to be complicit and acting like a lifeguard “watching a child drown”. The FBI playing a clear hand in destruction of evidence really added to the drama as well. And all of this came about due to the advisement of one man who should be garnering public trust, not shredding it. Assistant US Attorney Blowhard Bob Norman. Absolute Scum of the earth

All in all, win or lose, there is one for sure message that can be taken from all of this. You never can predict if someone you wrongfully took part in criminally framing and hanging will return with a camera and microphone, making a documentary/movie or write a slew of books about you that you can never get rid of. These people destroyed my life and at the same time they gave me my life story which it in itself is one in a billion

BONUS (in case you haven’t listened to this) The war on Mainstream Media begins

Motion to Quash, Suppress, and Sanction Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s Counsel |Matt Reardon

I’m only getting started. If laws and rules all of a sudden don’t matter, then God help me because those are the only things (and mainly just laws) holding me back. A functioning society cannot sustain with this type of madness and these this type of criminal activity amassing and further being condoned by courts of LAW! Them backing down at this point wouldn’t help matters for them as I am dead set on seeing this through unto fruition right into the jaws of justice! There is a special place in hell for these people to fry for eternity! See more at MATTREARDON.COM and RIDINGWITHTHEOUTLAW.COM

I have completely had it with this complete nonsense and jaw droppingly abominable criminal behavior that is an extension of the criminal racket involving Phyllis “Liz” Crowder-Kester.

Of course there is also her husband Dustin Kester whom has played an increasing role, her attorney Mona Pittman, and I wouldnt be the slightest bit surprised to learn that the Grand Puppeteer of them all Rhea Tannehill, husband of Oxford Mayor Robyn Tannehill, is still in the mix pulling strings as he did in May of 2017 when the Conspiracy to ultimately frame me and get rid of me was orchestrated and followed through with. The list of those who have played an active role in everything continues to grow longer and longer as the weeks pass by. I’m more aware of my surroundings than ever and have been hot on the trail in pursuit of Justice and all facts in order to regain what was unfairly stolen from me, as well as my kids vicariously through me. One thing is for certain however. Karma is a bitch, and when it comes to such a serious matter as this, I say calling it a bitch is a rather big understatement. I believe the better word to use for everything is ruthless, and I’m only getting warmed up. Many more revelations of truth and fact have been made and will continue to be made as I rip every last trellis out of this gigantic corrupt temple, and so be it if the fallout hits me. I’ll do whatever I have to do to ensure my kids have ample opportunity in life free from the evils of everything I have had to deal with


LAFAYETTE COUNTY SHERIFF JOEY EAST: Immediately Release Camera Footage to the Public from 12/28/2020 or Immediately Suspend Courtney Dixon from Active Patrol Duty

It’s time that accountability and responsibility get taken at The Lafayette County Sheriffs Office, so I am demanding that the Sheriff Publicly release the videos of the arrest outside of the Sheriffs Office and Detention Center On 12/28/2020 or Immediately Suspend Deputy Courtney Dixon and order an Internal Affairs Investigation

It’s way passed time for Lafayette County Sheriff Joey East and Lafayette County to take their responsibilities and duties seriously. I’ve got a message for Sheriff Joey East of the Lafayette County Sheriffs Office and it is very clear. Release the tapes of the 12/28/2020 arrest in the parking lot of Lafayette County Sheriffs Office or Immediately Suspend Courtney Dixon from active patrol pending an Internal Affairs Investigation. It is absolutely imperative to have and maintain a high level of transparency, fairness, and decency when maintaining a position garnering of public integrity and trust. There has been far too many shady occurrences and calls over the past few years involving this very department and I find it absolutely necessary for an audit into operations to happen. So in all fairness I believe that audit should happen in one of two ways. Either a public audit of examination or an internal audit. Let it be known that the intentional suppression of evidence and the intentional suppression and intimidation of witnesses will never be condoned, not now not ever. Demonstrate that you can be trusted. Make the call

-Matt “Outlaw” Reardon